Who is BrilliantWindows?

Who is BrilliantWindows?

You may have noticed the name BrilliantWindows being mentioned in our advertising and out there on the web.  A common question I am asked is, “Who is BrilliantWindows”?

The Facts:

Detroit Sponge & Chamois completely runs and operates the BrilliantWindows venture.  Around here, we like to refer to BrilliantWindows as the primary online division and presence of Detroit Sponge & Chamois Co.

BrilliantWindows.com was created to offer the world wide web the exceptional traditional Detroit Sponge way of doing business.  The new name was to mark a new method of doing business in a quickly evolving marketplace.

The Vision:

BrilliantWindows will provide customers the opportunity to enjoy the Detroit Sponge traditions of great product selection, quick shipping, knowledgeable customer service, in depth information, and great pricing through the latest technology.

Specific products might be promoted differently on the site than on the phone or catalog. However, the intention is to provide the same pricing, regardless of whether you shop online, via our catalog, or by visiting our showroom in Wixom.

The Future:

When you look back 10 years, it is hard to tell where things will be in the future!  However, with the creation of ideas like BrilliantWindows, we are planning on keeping up with the technologies that will make your purchasing process easier than ever!

Recently, the BrilliantWindows team has been busy creating blog, Facebook (Detroit Sponge), Twitter (@BrilliantWindow) and YouTube endeavors.  We have many more offerings planned and you can be sure we will keep you posted!

Regardless of the method, I am committed to honoring the traditions of Detroit Sponge from the past well into the future.  To you, that will mean even greater product selection and information that will help you to be more profitable!

Thanks for getting us to where Detroit Sponge is today.  Here’s to the future and beyond…

Mike Waroway

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