Your Window Cleaning Business | Goals For The New Year

2012. That seems so hard to believe. I mean, wasn’t it just turning 2000? Y2K and all that. Time goes by so fast, especially when you are busy running or managing a window cleaning business. You are flying through the busy season by the seat of your pants and then scrambling to get caught up on miscellaneous stuff during the slow season. The next thing you know, it starts all over again. If you do not write out actionable goals and create a plan of attack, things will inevitably slip thru the cracks.

Every business owner has projects that need to get done that, for whatever reason, don’t. Usually it is because that particular task is unappealing. Let’s face it; if it was a fun job, it would already be done and we wouldn’t be here. Maybe you need to re-vamp your filing system. Maybe all your clients need to be entered in that new database you bought – last year. Maybe you need a website for your business.

Breaking down a huge project into smaller tasks that can be performed weekly or even monthly, makes it more manageable and much less overwhelming. In fact, the process of physically crossing things off your to do list each week can be extremely rewarding.

So, what is it that you have been putting off? What is your big goal for your window cleaning business for 2012? Write it down and then brainstorm how to break it up into smaller tasks. One a month, one a week. Whatever it takes until the project is complete. Hey, did we mention that we have a little web challenge that does just that? No? We broke up the task of creating a website into 52 easy, do-able tasks. You can read about our 52 week challenge to get your window cleaning business not just a website, but a web presence. We’d love to have you join us.

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