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What’s good at the movies?

At the last minute, a crazy weekend schedule of activities changed and left me with a few hours of time.  So, with a quick check of the listings, 2 of my three kids and I decided to head off to see Puss n Boots.  While I am a fan of the Shrek series, I did not have any expectations for the kitty movie.  Frankly, I am a dog person and a full length movie about a cat was not sounding very exciting, even if the cat can handle a sword..

With spontaneity at our backs, the three of us headed to a mid day showing.  Cheap tickets and expensive popcorn in hand, we prepared for the show.

Note for disclosure – I have a pretty corny sense of humor, but I do truly enjoy laughing.

Disclosure out of the way, watching this movie with my kids was a blast!  Puss n Boots provided a plot that contained enjoyable characters and some really funny antics.  One of the unexpected treats for me was the use of Rodrigo Y Gabriela’s music in the soundtrack (Personal favorite from them: Live from France).  I’ve become a fan of the guitar duo’s music and it was most excellent to see it creatively used as an integral part of the movie.

Fun nugget of family friendly time in a fast paced world!  From a dog guy, I say 2 paws up for Puss n Boots.

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