5 Tips to Great Customer Service

We all know what customer service is or, at the very least, we know when we aren’t getting it. What do you do as a window cleaner or as the owner of a window cleaning company to offer great customer service? Here are 5 tips to try:

1) The Phone: Answer it. If you can’t, then make it a policy to call back in 24 hours or less. Nothing is more frustrating as a customer than having to wait for days on end for a return phone call. Many even wonder if the message went through and, pretty soon, those customers will turn to another window cleaner who is more responsive.

2) The Schedule: Let’s face it. We all hate waiting for hours on end for the cable guy or the furniture delivery guy. As a window cleaner, you can try to eliminate that frustration and show that you value your customer’s time by scheduling appointments with a tight window. If you are running behind, call. Plain and simple. So many businesses forget this step, but it is crucial. A simple 60 second phone call to inform your next appointment that you are running an hour or so behind is much appreciated. In fact, customers are often shocked because this simple courtesy is rarely extended these days.

3) Going The Extra Mile: Most window cleaners do a decent job cleaning the windows. It is the little extras that count. Do you remove your shoes or wear surgical booties? Do you let them know about the loose gutter over the garage? Do you grab that Frisbee off the roof? It is often the little things you do, without even thinking about it, that endear you to your customers. Endearment is good.

4) Deal with complaints: For some, dealing with cranky customers is the worst part of the job. Whether you want to or not, step up to the plate and deal with the problem. More often than not, a cranky customer just wants to vent. Let them. Don’t interrupt; let them finish completely. You do not have to apologize or accept blame, if it is an issue out of your control, just empathize. Let them know that you care. If you can fix it, do it. If you can’t, ask them what you can do to help resolve the situation. Once they realize that you are not going to fight or argue with them, most people calm down and act more rationally.

5) Listen: Sometimes just listening to your customers nets you the best answers to your customer service questions. We did that yesterday via Facebook; you can do it by having an admin randomly call the day after a service to see if the customer was satisfied. The more info, the more feedback you can get, the better.


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