Ettore Fanny, Queen and Healthy Window Cleaners

Yes. The Ettore Fanny, Queen and healthy window cleaners do all go together. Follow my logic here:

Yesterday, we posted a link to our YouTube video of the Ettore Fanny. Its a great tool and a great add-on service for your residential window cleaning clients. I mean, homeowners do not want to get up there and wipe down each fan blade by hand. They are more than willing to throw a few extra bucks your way to do it for them. In fact, if they have a fan, you should automatically ask.

Back to the logic, so the Ettore Fanny instantly made me think of the classic Queen song, Fat Bottomed Girls. And, who wouldn’t make that connection, right?

Then … I thought of being fit and various New Year’s resolutions that we all make each January. As a whole, window cleaners are a healthy bunch. Hustling up and down ladders, snaking commercial glass, it all burns some calories. All that walking you guys do doesn’t hurt either. What do you do in the off season to stay healthy though? Do you work out, walk or just sit on the couch? My guess is sit on the couch.

I am the daughter of a builder who gained a few pounds every winter and then lost it again each Spring. I am the wife of a window cleaner who, you guessed it, gained a few pounds every winter and then lost it again come Spring. Do you do the same thing? Do you have any tips for staying in shape during the off season? Do you do anything special when you are cleaning windows daily to stay fit?

Personally, I decided to run a marathon this year. No. I’ve never run a step in my life. I am, however, signed up to run a 5K on March 24th. Eeeks! I really need to upload some Queen into my iPod and get moving.

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