Time honored profession of window cleaning

Every so often, it’s nice to remember that we are apart of the window cleaning trade which has been around for many years.

The other day, this Popeye cartoon video was brought to my attention:

 Popeye:The Panelss Window Washer

While the times have changed, I certainly do still enjoy talking to window cleaning veterans that remember the years gone by.  Some of the guys have shared stories with me about the old rope stages that had to be pulled up the side of the buildings manually.
Funny enough, based on the info that experienced workers have told me, the high rise buildings used to get cleaned a lot more frequently than they do now.  The stories they have shared with me are that many of the main high rise buildings in cities like Detroit used to be cleaned monthly!!  That is hard to imagine as most contractors tell me they are fortunate to get quarterly cleanings for buildings in today’s market.

Guess there is something to be said for enjoying the market that you work in today as the future is bound to be different!

Thanks to the window cleaners of past generations.

Tip of the squeegee to you..



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