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Yes, at Detroit Sponge and Chamois we like to throw out a pop quiz every now and then, just to keep our readers on their toes. We’re evil that way. Not what you were looking for on a Thursday morning? Sorry! This time, we are quizzing you on your knowledge of the inner workings of the internet. Do you think you know what’s going on? Do you have what it takes to match wits with us? Let’s see…

1. What is SEO?

a. Search Engine Optimization

b. Solid Emphasis Organization

c. Super Energizing Oranges


2. SERPS is …

a. a soda, often mixed with liquor

b. where you are in terms of Google ranking

c. a country in war torn Eastern Europe


3. Google Local is …

a. I have no idea

b. a great source for small businesses

c. that truck that Google sent down everyone’s street to take pictures


4. A backlink is a ….

a. a what?

b. a hyperlink that directs the Google bots to your website

c. a nickname for a Back Street Boys fan


5. Web content is …

a. you need to add content?

b. informational articles and blog posts for your website

c. something I do not have


6. Hosting is …

a. when my wife says we’re having company for dinner

b. something I’d rather not do

c. service provided by a vendor that allows a website to be seen on the net


7. DNS

a. Domain Name Servers

b. Do Not Shout

c. Domesticated and Neutered Skunk


8. WordPress is…

a. the platform that made building a website easy and affordable

b. a new workout regime at the gym

c. a medieval torture contraption


9. Social Media is …

a. another medieval torture contraption

b. the wave of the future in marketing

c. social what?


10. Branding is …

a. the practice of marking cattle with a hot iron

b. something I know nothing about

c. what helps make people aware of who you are and what you do


There. That wasn’t so hard, was it? The answers are below; if you got more than 1 wrong, you really need to sign up for our 52 Week Challenge.






1. a      2. b      3. b      4. b.      5. b

6. c      7. a      8. a.     9. b.      10. c



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