Keep looking forward..

Spring is coming, I am pretty sure of it..  Every year, about this end of February time, I begin to look around at our fully stocked shelves and wonder when Spring is going to arrive.

As a window cleaning contractor, I can imagine that you must wonder the same thing It is obvious that for most of us, we are involved in a trade that benefits from the spring, summer, fall seasons more than the winter.

So, come this time of year, it is important to begin to prepare for what is coming next.  For my business, that has its own list of things to stay on top of, organize and prepare for.

Window cleaners often tell me that this is the time of year that they try and set goals and targets.

If you are not the planning type, maybe give this a shot..

Take the time to think about what you would have your business look like in 5 years.  Then back it up and look at what direction you can head in this year that will bring you closer to where you want to be then.

These are great things to consider now, because I am guessing you are going to be busy here real soon..

See ya


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