So a competitor called me today…

This week, the national sales manager for one of the competitors in the window cleaning supply market called me up.   I have always made an effort to have at least civil relations with my competitors.  The competitor mentioned that he was coming into the Detroit market for a day or two.  I asked “what brings you to Detroit?”  His answer, “You know Mike, I am here to take food off your family’s table.”

While competition is healthy, that statement got me wondering, where is the line with comments like that in terms of competition?  I do not have to go far to be reminded that there is competition everywhere and I know that is true for window cleaners as well.  But the art of trying to offer an attractive product to the marketplace at a price which is both acceptable to the buyer and profitable to the seller doesn’t have to be that personal, does it?

Today’s world of the business marketplace is different than it has ever been.  Here at Detroit Sponge, we communicate with facebook, this blog, twitter, a forum, print publications, a contractor showroom, product days at our shop, as well as phone conversations.  Everything is exposed and out there in the open.  Maybe that makes me naïve, but is it necessarily true that my success means that someone else must starve?  I truly wish my competitors families no ill will…

So, for now, I am grateful that the competitor called and expressed his opinion about why he is working for the company that he is working for.  For me, I am going to work hard to feed my family by improving my skills and continuing to try to offer the best service I can to the market I am in.

But that’s just me…

See you around



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