Avoid the Negative

I really try hard to focus on the positive stuff of life.  This has to be a very intentional daily effort!

Don’t get be wrong, every pot hole can not be avoided… ESPECIALLY IF YOU HAVE SEEN THE ROADS IN MICHIGAN!  What an awesome analogy though. Michigan has had it’s struggles for the last decade.  Yes, there are parts of the state that might never rebuild their grandeur.  But there are plenty of aspects of Michigan life that are rebuilding stronger than ever!  Which part have you seen in the media???

Part of the journey of life then is to intentionally choose paths that “avoid” certain negative things that can seriously drain your life.  For example, maybe there are certain personalities in your life where every time you get together, all that you talk about is the bad stuff in the world. Maybe it’s the media that draws your attention to only the troubles of the day.  Or maybe there is an account that you  service that has a particular manager that is just not an optimistic person.

Try taking that information into account when you schedule your work or when you choose how to spend your free time.  For the pessimistic customer, try  setting that job at a time of day where you are always feeling good. Or try scheduling that job on a day where you already have some not so fun activities, like maybe the day taxes are due!

Either way, I say try to avoid the negative by being intentional about the way you live your day and run your business.

Life is too short to spend time in the negative.

See you soon


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