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I know, I know … a QR What? A QR Code. Think of it as a revved up bar code. Remember the days before bar codes? It was so long ago, but, unfortunately, many of us do remember that little sticker gun the stockboy used to price everything. Grocery store lines took for-e-ver! The advent of bar codes allowed manufacturer and distributors to just quickly scan the merchandise and be done. QR codes take that concept one step further. Not sure what a QR code looks like? There ya go. That’s a QR code.



I asked Mike for a copy of his most recent QR code from an ad, but he couldn’t find it. Guess what? I made it myself. Yup. You can, too. For free! Programmers give free stuff away all the time. Just type in your info and *poof* they spit out the correct snippet of code for you to make your very own QR code. Handy. Still not sure how it all works?

QR codes are meant to be scanned, like a bar code. Don’t have one of those scanner with the infrared light in your back pocket? See, that’s the beauty of a QR code. They are meant to be scanned with a cell phone. Pretty cool, eh?

As a small business owner, you can add a QR code to your next set of business cards. Smart people, people in the know, will just scan the code and have you all saved in their phone in seconds. The QR code gave them all the information on you – name, address, phone number, slogan, you name it.

You can also put a QR code on your next flyer or mailing. Clients can scan it and your coupon, web address, whatever is now right in their phone. It’s a pretty nifty little bit of technology that is going to keep getting bigger. In fact, one day, someone will write the words, “Remember the days before QR Codes?”


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