Safety Kit | 10 Items Every Window Cleaner Needs

prepared window cleanersWe’ve talked about how important it is to have extra parts in your truck, how important it is to know how to fix stuff when you are out on the job site, but can you fix every problem that arises? Other non-window cleaning problems?

They say, “Anything that can go wrong, does.” Are you prepared? Over the years, our guys have appreciated the kits I made at the beginning of each season. Sure, they thought they were dorky, but they always thanked me in the end. And, it never hurts to be prepared.

So, what do you need?

1. Raid -for the inevitable bees, wasps and scary spiders you will encounter. You are not an exterminator; it is not your JOB to remove a huge hive or infestation. A little spray just makes your job easier.

2. Bug Repellent – Mosquitoes. Nothing much left to say.

3. Extra Bottle of Water – dehydration is always a problem and, even though it may be warm, it could help.

4. Band-aids and gauze pads – plan ahead. Duct tape rules, but looks pretty stupid. Trust me.

5. A Container of Rice – large enough for your cell phone. When (yes, when) you drop your cell phone in your bucket, do not turn it on. Pop out the battery and stick everything in your container of rice for 24 hours.

6. Antiseptic Wipes and Ointment – I grew up with a dad who said that human spit was good to clean out wounds … yea, don’t do that.

7. Aspirin – This is really just a cost-saving measure. Gas stations charge an arm and a leg if you end up with a headache.

8. Hydrocortisone or some other itch cream – in case you didn’t pack the bug repellent from above.

9. Tweezers – for all those splinters, glass, you-name-it.

10. Ice Pack – they make ones that you “crack” and they instant get cold.

I know. Space is limited in your vehicle. Make some room; you’ll be glad you did.


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