Holster Options | Where Do You Keep Your Window Cleaning Gear

window cleaning holstersYou don’t have to be a professional window cleaner for very long to realize that having all your tools and those little gadgets easily¬†accessible¬†makes your day run smoother. Sure, at first you may try to stick a squeegee in your front jean pocket or maybe a huck towel in your back pocket. It is neither efficient, nor ergonomic to work this way for very long however.So, what do you do? You can’t very well strap on a fanny pack. Well, you could, but I can pretty much guarantee that all the other window cleaners will laugh at you. Fanny packs aren’t cool in any line of work (or play). A big, bulky leather toolbelt like a builder or contractor uses won’t do the job and lets not even talk about plumber’s pants.

Dry Solutions

window cleaning holsters1. Sorbo makes a nylon holster that is small, yet efficient as well as a secondary unit for your scraper. They are designed to work with Sorbo tools and squeegees.



2. Pulex has a nice leather option with a single or double loop. Simple, yet gets the job done.

3. Not to be outdone, Unger has an entire belt “system”. You can mix and match up to four components and hang them all from a belt system. The largest piece is called the ErgoTech Personal Bag. It holds just about everything, but the kitchen sink.


Wet Solutions

The newest line of holster options allow you to carry water around with you as well. This is great on so many levels. You can avoid lugging (and,potentially, spilling) a bucket inside a customer’s house. You can also clip them to a ladder and avoid having to climb down to re-dip your wetter. Genius!

1. Unger makes the Bucket-on-a-Belt, both a Classic version and the newer, Ninja style. They hold your scrubber, squeegee and scraper safely and securely.

2. Ettore has a similar version called the Sidekick. The twist with this manufacturer is that you can purchase it with a detachable clip, which lets you quickly unclip and head into McDonald’s. You can also purchase it with a loop that you slide your belt through.

3. Last but not least, the Pulex Tubex in a stylish blue color holds all your needs, with slots and pockets for all your tools and a center well for your wetter and just enough water to get the job done.


Which do you prefer?



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