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window cleaning businessBreaking away from the 9-to-5 takes a special person. Everyone thinks that it must be *so* easy to work whenever you want and that you *must* make a ton of cash. Those of us who actually DID break away, know the truth: owning a small business, particularly a window cleaning business, is hard work. The hours are long, the work is strenuous and the pay isn’t always as great as it should be. In fact, I frequently tell doe-eyed newbies that while people think you make more and work less, that in fact the truth is that you work MORE hours and often make LESS (after expenses and that new piece of equipment that will take you to the “next level”)… Of course, it is often a labor of love.

But, why windows? Why not a retail store or something easier? Sure, some of us followed a loved ones footsteps, but I would venture to say that most window cleaners just sort of fell into the field. OK – “fell” may not be the best choice of words. How about – just happened upon window cleaning as a career by accident.

I read something this week about a woman who said to her husband when he suggested starting a window cleaning business, “Fine, but window cleaning? Really?”

Just in case someone out there needs to be reminded why window cleaning can be awesome and fulfilling, here are a few reasons why we love it. Feel free to add your own.

1. Get to work outdoors.

2. Get to be your own boss.

3. Relatively low overhead.

4. You may have slow spots, but a window cleaner will never starve. There are always dirty windows somewhere.

5. Not stuck behind a desk in a little cubicle somewhere.

6. There is no water cooler gossip to endure.

7. You can save money on the gym membership. Window cleaners have killer biceps!

8. Customers always love you.

9. You get to make someone’s day every single day.

10. Why NOT windows?!



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