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gutter cleaningNow is the time to prep a mailer for gutter cleaning. You can pay for a nice, glossy postcard, print up a simple flier or prep a mass email. The choice is yours, just be sure to have it arrive the Wednesday or Thursday after Labor Day. Yes, I know the leaves aren’t down off the trees yet, but people are *thinking* about it  now. Get them to call you and be put on your schedule “before it books up”. Creating a sense of urgency is a great marketing tip that is often used by the pros and there is nothing more urgent then the thought of overflowing, frozen gutters.

In fact, send another postcard/flier/email the last week of September or the 1st week of October and warn your customers that they need to schedule “before the leaves freeze in the gutters”.

If you have never cleaned gutters, well, it’s not the most fun job. The thing to remember is that customers know this and are more than willing to pay for it. If you don’t do it, they will be forced up onto that ladder themselves. No one wants that.

What to charge is tricky. You can shoot for an hourly rate, but many customers don’t like that not knowing feeling. You can also try to gauge how long it will take you and then multiply that by an hourly rate. Or you can just keep things simple and charge a flat rate per house. It’s up to you. Keep in mind that if everyone quickly agrees with your price, you may be too low. Try raises it with each successive customer until people begin to balk at the price. Knowing how much the market is willing to pay can help you determine what to charge.

Of course, there is no trick to cleaning gutters. You just have to get in there and do it. Detroit Sponge sells several gutter cleaning products to get you started, including the Gutter Grabber, the Gutter Cleaner and the Gutter Getter. I know, genius names, right?!

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  1. Abélia says:

    Thanks for your take on gutter cleaning. Fall is coming soon so I definitely want to be prepared for this process. It’s true that there is a certain sense of urgency when you think about overflowing, frozen gutters.

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