The Rain Guarantee | Could You Do It?

rain guaranteeMention the idea of offering a Rain Guarantee and you will likely see professional window cleaners quickly divide into two groups.  Each group has valid points, but I think I may be jumping ship and joining the other side.

Group 1: “That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard”

1. There are stories of window cleaners going out of business because of this guarantee.

2. Sure, you could offer that if you lived in Arizona or something, but where I live it rains all spring.

3. This is a car wash gimmick; professional window cleaners don’t do this.

4. Either they get their windows cleaned in the rain or not. It’s their choice, not mine.

5. I do not have time to send my crews out a second or third time just because of a raindrop or two.

Group 2: “It’s all in the marketing, baby! Make it work for you.”

1. If you know how to word things right, you can offer a Rain Guarantee, keep your business and make a nice profit.

2. If you know how to word things right, you can offer a Rain Guarantee anywhere, regardless of the weather.

3. Yes, it IS a gimmick and it WORKS.

4. Yes, it is their choice, but you can prevent re-scheduling headaches and hiccups in your day with a Rain Guarantee.

5. If you know how to word things right, you won’t have to keep sending your crew out.

Yes, I am officially leaning towards Group 2. For the last two decades, I looked at a Rain Guarantee from the wrong perspective. I don’t make too many mistakes in business, but I readily admit that I was wrong on this one.

It’s all about perception. Customers, especially residential customers that only get their windows cleaned once a year as a treat, perceive that the rain will ruin their pretty windows. We know otherwise, right?! Convincing them can be tough – so don’t … I’ll let that sink in for those of you that are in Group 1.

A Rain Guarantee means you just removed their concern, their one and only objection: ruined windows. If you guarantee that you will be back to touch up any spots in a 3 day (or whatever) time frame, they no longer have a reason to re-schedule. Remember, it’s perception. You are not guaranteeing that you will re-clean every single window if it rains. You are guaranteeing that you will “touch up” any “spots” IF they occur due to rain. Big difference.

As an added bonus, you also just trained your customers to clean windows rain or shine. This eliminates a frustrated crew and stressed out office staff. You also look like the “hero” to your customers – that’s a good thing.

The picture looks so different to me now that my perception has changed. What about you?


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