Marketing for Window Cleaners | Channel Your Inner Cheese

window cleaning As window cleaners, we spend years trying to maintain a professional image, which is very important in every single aspect of owning a window cleaning business except one.


Oh, sure there are different styles and techniques, different voices and mediums, but one thing is true: cheesy works. Think about it. The best million dollar commercial during the Super Bowl is the one that made you spit out your nachos, not the one that made you think, “ooooh, they are so professional”. Right?!

I am not suggesting that you completely change your image, just that you loosen up a bit in order to get people’s attention. Once again, I am using my own personal mail as an example. This was mailed to me and normally I would throw this away. The store is a knock-off of Costco and Sam’s Club and not something that I am interested in. As I tossed it aside, I saw what it said and giggled.

No, not that (really bad) choice of business name, but the request in the middle. The request to open followed by the line, “It’ll be worth the paper cut”. Kinda funny and soooo not what you were expecting.

And, guess what? It worked. I actually opened it. I tried to remember exactly what I was thinking and feeling (because that’s how I roll) and it was somewhere along the lines of, “If they are that quirky, maybe they will have something I am interested in. I will check, just in case”.

When I write marketing copy for clients, I say that I “channel my inner cheese”. I just let go of my inhibitions and pretend that I am Lounge Lizard Larry or a car salesman in a leisure suit or even Joey from Friends (how you doin’). It’s actually when I write my best stuff. My point is twofold:

1. Think outside the box when you mail stuff. Think cheesy. Think silly. Your goal is to get people to READ the stuff, not to look professional. You can prove that to them with your actions later – answer the phone promptly and politely, show up on time, do a good job, etc.

2. Save EVERYTHING that makes you act. What catches your attention? What makes you open it? What makes you act? Start a folder and stash stuff away. I have marketing fliers saved from 15 years ago. You never know when inspiration will strike.


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