Have you …

… cleaned any gutters lately? Autumn is a busy time for window cleaners across the country and we wanted to take just a moment of your time to remind you to touch base with your customers about getting them cleaned. Hey – we are always looking for ways to get more money in your pocket. We’re kinda nice like that!

In fact, we have mentioned gutter cleaning services alot around here. We’ve told you how to pad your bottom line. We’ve talked about it as an add-on service here, here and even here. We’ve even mentioned how you can use it to start a savings plan. We kinda feel strongly about it – LOL.

Oh, and if you need window cleaning tools for those gutter cleaning jobs, we’ve got you covered there, too.

People get busy and forget about their gutters. If you contacted them already, do it again. If you haven’t yet, do so now.




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