Windows Cleaners Give Back

hi rise window cleaningThis time of year our thoughts often turn to charity work and others that are less fortunate than us. Donations of time as well as money are appreciated year round, but, as window cleaners, we have another tool in our belts. We can offer our services. Of course, you can use it as a tax write-off, just do a standard estimate and use that for your records come tax time.  

Whose windows can you clean? Many window cleaners stop by their place of worship on a regular basis and help out. With all the budget cuts in education, several window cleaners have made it a point to stop by their children’s schools to clean the windows and save the principal that expense.

Personally, out company was once called to clean two windows at a nursing home for a good client. One of her parents had been moved there and wasn’t doing well. She just wanted pretty windows for him to be able to look outside. Once we got there, we just couldn’t charge her. We also tried to volunteer to to clean the windows when “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” rolled into Michigan years ago.

And, if you are a firm believer in “charity begins at home”, swing by your parents or grand-parents house. Fit it into your schedule and treat them. If they are anything like ours, they just don’t want to bother you. Take an hour out of your day and give back to them.

My favorite way to give back is just by putting a smile on someone else’s face. One of our clients, Allegheny Window Cleaning Inc., does just that. You have probably seen this photo floating around the internet but the fact that Spiderman, Superman, Captain America and Batman all got together to do some hi rise window cleaning at a children’s hospital makes me smile every single time I see it!

Who’s face can you put a smile on this week?

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