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window cleaning businessIn our continuing series about this great article, I wanted to address another point about “what” we do for the customer. We are always taught that we are professional window cleaners; do one thing and be the best at it, right?! We are not the janitor, but rather a highly skilled, well-trained window cleaner. There is a difference. This author states, however, that highly successful people believe:

Anything a customer will pay you a reasonable price to do–as long as it isn’t unethical, immoral, or illegal–is something you should do.

But, wait? Anything? Yes, anything! It seems counterproductive. We want to be successful by being the best window cleaners we can be, yet highly successful people do that and much more.

Personally, as a fan of impeccable customer service, I love this concept. Look at it from the customer’s point of view. You have someone that comes to your house or place of business, does their job and leaves. Fine.

Or … you have someone that helps you. Someone that goes above and beyond the call of duty. Someone that saves you time, money, a headache, whatever it is. Likely, in the long run, they won’t remember how clean the windows were. Heck, they probably won’t even remember what the extra work was. They will just remember you and the feeling they had when you left. That’s what is important, right?!

Do want them to remember “Fine” or do want them to remember “Wow”?!




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