Holiday Cards | The 3 Best Times To Mail Them

seasoning greetingsI know, it’s still November. Visions of football and leftover turkey sandwiches are still fresh in our minds, but we need to be thinking about sending holiday cards to clients. Whether you order the gold foil stamped and embossed cards or you hand write out a few boxes from Target, get on it. So, when is the best time to mail them?

1. BEFORE Thanksgiving: The benefits of this timing is to be able to “say” thank you and for the cards to arrive before the onslaught of any holiday cards.

2. Now: The next option is to mail them out so they arrive the first few days of December. The goal is still to be the first to arrive. You know how it can get later in the month, you get a stack of cards all in one day. Cousin Joan and your best friend from college both sent pictures of their kids. Your sister sent a rambling four-page write up on every minute detail of the past year and the plumber, insurance guy and hair salon all sent notes as well. You don’t want to get lost in the shuffle. You do not want to waste good postage. You WANT to stand out from the crowd.

If you can’t meet either of the above deadlines, wait. This may seem crazy, but hear me out.

3. New Year’s: Instead of trying to duke it out with every small business and long-lost relative, take your time. Order some nice New Year’s cards. Take your time addressing them. Let them sit on your desk all ready to go and then wait… On January 2nd, stroll on down to the post office and drop them in the slot. The only mail people get in January is those pesky credit card bills. Your cheerful wishes for a prosperous New Year will be a refreshing and memorable change of pace.

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