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window cleaners and social mediaSocial media. Unless you have been living under a rock, you have heard that name before, but what exactly IS it?!

Social media is an online form of media used for social interaction. In other words, places you go online to interact with other people. It could be for fun, but in our case, we should be using it to promote window cleaning.

Why? Because it is a cheap way to build your brand, get your message out and interact with your clients and future clients. The main social media sites are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ (debatable), YouTube and Pinterest.

Many of you post pictures of the latest crazy house you cleaned or the view from the edge of a hi-rise building … BUT … You post them in various window cleaning groups on Facebook or for your friends to see.

Why not take that same picture and post it to a Facebook page for your business or to your LinkedIn profile. Add a caption like, “At 123 Window Cleaning, we can clean any window!” or “Hi Flying Window Cleaners always get the job done!”

Sure. It’s an extra step, but marketing your small business takes a little effort. If you don’t have a big marketing budget and a team to do it for you, you need social media to level the playing field. You can post to Facebook just as easily as Ettore. You can tweet just as quickly as a national cleaning company. In fact, if you dedicated 15 minutes of every day to a quick post on Facebook for your business, and then a variation of that post on a few other social media sites, you’d be doing great.

Instead of waiting until you have that extra five grand for your dream direct mail campaign, use social media to help you along.



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