How You Can Save Your Business For Just .99 Cents

window cleaning businessDo you have a website for your window cleaning company? Those of you that have one, read on and breathe a sigh of relief for your forward-thinking. Those of you that don’t, be afraid. Be VERY afraid.

Here’s the backstory. A bridal shop in Canada pissed someone off. Yes, it has to do with a transgender person being denied the right to try on a wedding dress. They refused to serve that customer. If that bothers you, let go and move on. This is not about the details; it’s about what happened afterwards. After the complaints to the media, after the protest, after the picketers left, someone with a little web know-how bought the domain name rights to the business.

You see, the bridal shop didn’t have a website so one very ticked off customer bought it and has no intention (nor legal obligation) to give it back. Can you imagine the horror?

If you are looking for that business and do a quick web search, you will have the opportunity to read all about the incident FOR YEARS to come and there is NOTHING the owner of the bridal shop can do about it.

Shocked? Still think you don’t need a website? Maybe. But, you can at least buy your name before anyone else does, right?!

So, where does the .99 cents come in? Well, it’s a secret, but I am willing to share. If you head over to to buy a .com domain name, it’ll cost you $10 or so. The trick is to go up to your search bar and type in “buy cheap .com domain names”. What you will then see is godaddy’s ad for .99 cent .coms. Click on the ad to get the deal. Pretty nifty!

Buy your name (you don’t need pay for anything else). Then, sit on it. Don’t do anything with it, if you so choose. But, at least no one else can either!


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