Observations in Window Cleaning

window cleaning toolsDid you read this week’s inspirational business quote? If you missed it, the quote was …

“To be successful, you have to have your heart in your business, and your business in your heart.”

… which, of course, got me thinking. 

Most of us didn’t graduate from high school or college with the express desire to clean windows for a living. The truth of the matter is, whether residential or commercial, route work or hi rise, we all just sort of fell into window cleaning. Wait. Wrong choice of words. We all just sort of stumbled upon window cleaning as a profession. Wait. That’s not much better. Oh, forget it.

I once had a college kid work for me every summer. He was great, super polite and very conscientious. He worked his butt off, but he made great money. In fact, he made three times as much money as the other guys in his fraternity and yet worked the same hours. Each week when they oogled his paycheck, he encouraged them to call me and inquire about working for our company and each week they shook their heads no. Why? They didn’t want to clean windows. << that word is said with disdain, as if there is something wrong with what we all do for a living.

My point is that whether or not we intended to work in the window cleaning industry, we love it now. There is nothing better than to get out there, enjoy the view and leave some glass sparkling clean.

Have a fabulous Tuesday, everyone! Love what you do!






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