I Wish I Thought Of That | A Cool Direct Marketing Tip For Window Cleaners

direct mail marketing tipsI love direct marketing. It is a fun challenge – who I can get to call me?! And, personally, I love the idea of thinking outside the box. It can cost a little more, but if it gets your ROI percentage up, then it was worth it, right?!

I am not talking about sticking a cheap calendar magnet in an envelope at the end of the year. Anyone and everyone does that. I am talking about unique. The guy that mails a pack of microwave popcorn and thanks you for ‘popping’ in. The Realtor that mails a towel to an expired listing with the note, “Don’t throw in the towel. List with me the next time around!”

Good stuff.

Today, I read that the simple act of putting something ‘bumpy’ in the envelope can make people open it. It just kills them to NOT know what the bump is!! Love it. Seriously, it makes so much sense and your ROI obviously increases just from all those extra envelope openings!

What direct marketing ideas do you love?


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