Branding for Your Small Business | The Basics

window cleaning businessI should preface this by saying that I am not one for made-up, business buzz words. They annoy me. I wish people in suits would just say what they mean instead of using the latest and greatest word to try and appear cool, smart or “in touch”. Localization. Niche. Crowd Source. Cross-Platform. Value-Add. Streamline.  I went to college; I know what they all mean. I guess I am more of a do it rather than a give-it-a-label-and-talk-about-it kinda person.Except Branding. Yes, it is rather a grotesque choice of words, coming from the practice of physically burning your initials or logo into the backside of a helpless cow. Although, if you think about it, the goal of branding for small businesses is to burn your name and image onto the brain of your current and future customers. Close enough.

I love the concept of branding. I think it speaks to the creative side of me. How it all ties together in one neat little package. For today’s post, I am going to just list ways that you can create a brand or overall image for your window cleaning business. Some you’ll like, some you’ll hate. Hopefully,  a few you have already implemented.

1. Creative Name -sorry, but John’s Window Cleaning just does not cut it anymore. Actually, statistics say that people remember made up words as names, better than real ones.

2. Logo – you can buy one from a freelancer online for less than $50. Heck, you can get something at for $5; just don’t expect it to be killer.

3. Slogan – it should tie in with your name and logo both in theme and color. Make it memorable. I once saw a lawn guy with “We Kick Grass”. Yes, it was a little risque, but I remember it to this day!

4. Color Scheme – the most obvious choice for window cleaners is a shade of blue (water), but it can be anything as long as you stay consistent.

5. Newsletter – should be named after your business, like the Shazam Cleaning Times, if your business is Shazam. The paper should be your “color”; your logo and slogan should be front and center.

6. Postcards – buy a nice stock image and use it for every single piece of direct mail. You may be tempted to change it up, but don’t. People get used to that image you picked and come to expect it. use it ad naseum.

7. Business cards – use that same stock image, logo, slogan and color scheme on your business cards.

8. Company Truck – once again, use that same stock image, logo, slogan and color scheme on your vehicle.

9. Uniforms – you can’t fit as much on a t-shirt as you can on an Econovan, but make sure it ties in.

10. Phone Manners – If your slogan is catchy, consider answering the phone that way.

11. Invoices – now, I realize that invoices are professional in nature, but there is no reason why your logo and slogan cannot be at the top.

12. Website – When designing a website, it is super easy to insert a logo that is saved in a .jpg into the header. Translation: your logo, slogan and color scheme should be on your website as well. You do not want a red website if every other piece of marketing you do is green.

13. Facebook – that stock image you bought for postcards? Upload it as your timeline photo. It keeps the same image going everywhere.

14. Twitter – you know what I am going to say, make your background that same stock image again. I am beginning to sound like a broken record.

15. YouTube – Yup, same thing.

16. Stickers – you can even get stickers made up with your company name, logo and slogan. Stick them on your clipboards, your pure water system, your buckets and anywhere else a customer might look. You want that image burned into their memory for all time.

In a good way.







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