It’s Spring (Window) Cleaning Time!

Window cleaners live and die by the weather. Whether you live somewhere that is mild year round or in one of the colder states covered in ice and snow for much of the year, the weather effects your window cleaning business. Oddly enough, the weather has been extremely mild this year. Sometimes that is good and gets the Spring window cleaning season up and running earlier. Sometimes its not so good. Either way, no matter where you live, Spring is officially here. Yea! 

I thought we could list a few tips to remind you how to make the most of your Spring window cleaning dollar. In other words, how to up-sell your client with add-on services. You see, there is a trick to add-on services. It’s top secret; please do not share it outside the Detroit Sponge blog. Ready?


That’s it. No hard sell/soft sell techniques. No speeches to practice or spiels to learn. Just ask. In fact, 9 times out of 10, your clients do not know that your can clean their ________  and would actually love it if you did. Think about it, they’ve already established that they are not interested, not physically able or just plain too busy to clean their windows. They probably feel the same way about many other things in their house.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

1. dusting ceiling fans

2. cleaning exterior coach lights

3. emptying out gutters

4. cleaning oversized mirrors

5. scrubbing shower doors

6. cleaning light fixtures

7. changing hard-to-reach lightbulbs

Anything that is difficult to clean streak-free or hard to get to is fair game. Be aware of your limitations, though. Anyone with an A-frame ladder can clean that brass light fixture in the two-story foyer. The crystal chandelier above the dining room table, however, is a specialty business. Yup. Who knew? There are businesses dedicated just to cleaning and repairing real crystal chandeliers. More importantly, your insurance carrier will likely NOT cover any damages. Likewise, power washing is another type of insurance. Don’t get all excited about the possibilities of power washing as an add-on service until you talk to your insurance agent.

Ok – that’s it. Go off and make the world a brighter, shinier place this Spring.

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