7 Easy Ways to Drum Up Extra Window Cleaning Business

Every wonder how some window cleaners’ schedules are booked so far in advance when yours in a last minute kind of thing? Here are 7 tips to help you change that around:

1. Try using the words “Now Accepting New Clients”, even if you gladly take on new people all the time. It may seem stupid but it just creates this sense of urgency in their minds.

2. Mention that certain weekends book up fast whenever you send a newsletter or flier, even if they don’t. If you are generally slow right before Easter, tell people that its a popular week and they will scramble to get their windows done for that all-important egg hunt.

3. Remind your new and existing customers of all those special occasions in their lives that would be so much better with clean and shiny windows: weddings, birthdays, Mother’s Day, the 4th of July fireworks show, you-name-it.

4.  Hit up the real estate market. You can do this several ways. Let your customers know that clean windows sells houses and look prettier from the street without the bug screens in (think curb appeal). Finally, let them know that you work all over the area and probably clean windows in their new neighborhood as well. Wouldn’t it be great to schedule for window cleaning on moving day and start everything off nice and clean? (hint, hint)

5. Offer Early Bird Specials. How you do this depends on where you live. Those in colder climates can offer discounted rates for those first, brave customers in March and April. Other window cleaners may prefer to discount clients, residential or commercial, that are willing to schedule appointments before 8 a.m. Whatever works for you.

6. Call the neighbors. I cannot tell you how much people LOVE this. It seems like an annoying, “sales-y” thing to do, but it really does make them feel special. If you know that you are doing Mr. Smith’s house, call Ms. Green and Mr. and Mrs. Jones. Spell it out for them. Tell them you will be at Mr. Smith’s house on such-and-such date and, “I instantly thought of you!” It may work; it may not. But, they feel important all day because of you and that’s a good thing.

7. Get them on auto-pilot. The reason route work is so awesome is because you just show up every week, month, whatever. Getting those bigger commercial customers and the residential ones on auto-pilot fills up your schedule nicely, too. Offer discounts for regular cleanings.

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