But … Is It Any Good

st0rmz - morguefileSomeone posted a question on their Facebook page today that got me thinking. Their coffee shop had a new flavor, Banana Mocha, and he asked both the cashier and the barista if it was any good. Neither could answer because neither had tried it.

He pondered out loud (on Facebook) what good that was? How can you advertise and promote a product you have never tried? ┬áHe received tons of replies agreeing with his post, which is what got me thinking …

Have you tried your window cleaning services? If you are a one-man operation or concentrate on hi-rise work, this is a moot point, but if you run residential crews, you should stop and think.

The biggest issue with running crews is that you lose a certain amount of quality control. Like it or not, even your hardest working guy (or gal) is not going to do as good of a job as you. It just isn’t their business. It stinks, but it is what it is. So …

I ask again, how do you know they do good work? Do you pay someone to drive around and check? Do you call customers and ask? Would they tell the truth?

Have you ever considered sending crews to your own house, or your mom’s? What would the results be?


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