10 Reasons You Still Need to Mail Out That Newsletter

newsletter for small businessThe post office jokes are everywhere and, unless you married a mail carrier, very few people abstain. Snail mail. Old school. The price of a stamp. Before you completely abandon them for the information super highway, think again. Here are 10 reasons why an old school newsletter from your window cleaning company is powerful.

1. It reminds customers that you exist. Plain and simple. And, some of them really need to be reminded! Their lives get so busy that they forget to call you. Remind them.

2. People love getting paper mail. We don’t like “junk mail” per se, but everyone likes something to read while your morning coffee is brewing, while you eat your dinner over the sink, or while you ….

3. Electronic newsletters are often ignored. Face it. We all hate spam and opening up your email account to discover 20-30 emails practically forces us to hit delete, delete, delete.

4. Some clients are older and just don’t go online. Why miss a huge portion of your target market over a stamp?

5. You can re-use the articles as blog posts for your website and get twice the marketing for your dollar.

6. Believe it or not, you can actually increase your customer reach with a simple one-page newsletter. People will frequently share a paper newsletter with their friends and neighbors.

7. We stated this fact before, but it takes 17 times for a person to see your name and connect it with what you do. In other words, it takes 17 times for them to REMEMBER you. Receiving a newsletter in the mail helps.

8. OK. This one is silly, but oh-so-true. Customers stick paper newsletters up on their fridge with a magnet. You can’t do that with an email.

9. Newsletters can either establish or reinforce your company’s branding. If everything you do is red and black, for example, your newsletter should be, too. I cannot tell you how many times our customers would ask if I was from the company with the “little blue flier”. Why, yes, ma’am. Yes, I am.

10. It’s cheap. Plain and simple. A one page (front and back) flier, printed in black ink, on color paper is cheap. You can do it yourself or hire it out to a mailhouse and use their bulk mail permits. Cheap and effective.

That’s it. 10 little reasons. 10 somewhat silly reasons. 10 VALID reasons not to forget about the little ole newsletter and the post office.

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