5 Tips for Starting Your Own Window Cleaning Business

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Today’s post is a piece submitted by student and new window cleaner, Cale Nard of Oklahoma…

There are many obstacles to consider when starting your own business.  The five most important are attitude, startup materials, transportation, advertising, and how much to charge.

How do I know this?  Well, my name is Cale Nard, and I started a successful window cleaning business on a budget.


  1. Because I want to earn money.
  2. Because I enjoy doing it.
  3. Because it fills a need.
  4. Because it makes other people happy.

The biggest thing that helped me in starting my business was God.  He steered me through and guided me to success.  However, God doesn’t do everything for you.  You still have to put forth the effort and work toward your own success.  God helps those who help themselves.

Another factor was my family.  They have always encouraged me to do things well and do them right.  I would not be where I am now without them.

Support is good, but having the drive and determination to succeed is even more important.

Interested in starting your own window cleaning business?  Here are five key points that helped me achieve my goal.


Most importantly, you should always maintain a proactive attitude.  If you don’t do what you say you will do, customers won’t want to hire you and they certainly will not refer you to their friends.  Being kind and quick to smile helps too.

Startup Materials

Keep in mind that you will most likely have to use cheaper materials to get yourself started.  Expecting to be a huge business overnight is unrealistic and nearly impossible, unless you have a great deal of funds to start out.  More than likely, you will have to start small and build up.  As you gain customers and business, you can expand your tools, making your work quicker and more efficient.

To start, I got a small, cheap tote container.  This I filled with my cleaning solution.  I also purchased a few towels, a belt and pouch, a squeegee, and a washer.


Getting to and from jobs will be an important part of starting up a window business, as well as transporting your tools.  To start, I used my bike.  I purchased a basket that hooks on the rear of my seat, similar to those police bikes have.  This made it easier to carry my tools with me.


Once you have the basics figured out, you need customers.  To find your initial customer, you have to advertise.  For this, I went out and bought a cheap flash drive.  I made up a simple flyer on my computer, and I took it to the UPS Store (Fedex/Kinkos, Staples, or OfficeMax will also work).  They printed my flyers for about 5 cents per page.

Then, I had to distribute the flyers.  I rode my bike around my neighborhood and sent out about 600 flyers. Some people might say this is a less efficient way of doing it, but apparently it worked.  I found over a hundred people wanting me to clean their windows!


Throughout my childhood, a man lived down the street from my house and he was the nicest guy that you could ever meet.  I went to him one day and told him I was thinking of starting a window cleaning business, but I did not know how much to charge.

“How much do you think that I should charge?”

He told me that he thought that I should just start out small like $8 bucks for all their windows.  So that’s what I did.  About every 3 months I bumped the price up a dollar.  Pretty soon with the help of my brother, Pruitt, we were making it rain money!

And getting started is really that simple.  There’s not much to it other than determination and hard work.  Make sure you have a good foundation and once you have that, your business will grow and grow.

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  1. Correy Smith says:

    Jamie, excellent article that you wrote on starting your own window cleaning business. Well, do you have any tips on where to find local window cleaning businesses? That’s actually what my wife and I are trying to look for this week since all of our home windows are all dirty and scratched up.

  2. bryan flake says:

    My teenage sons want to start a window cleaning business. I think that they need help in figuring out a price point for different cleaning services they are offering. What do typical windows cost to clean. If they can be competitive, I think they’ll really make some money.

  3. Jamie, what an excellent advice that you mentioned about advertising a windows cleaning business. It sure is something that a few friends and I are wanting to do but, it would mostly be a commercial window cleaning service. Our customers would be businesses both big and small as well as the private ones.
    Andre Beluchi recently posted…Extreme Gutter Protection!My Profile

  4. John says:

    Success of any business depends upon advertising,resources and attitude.After reading above article i realized i need gratitude for success in my cleaning business.
    Thank you so much for sharing!

  5. Business books and guides can get you a long way in your journey. It is important to have a good guide too from an individual.

  6. Christina says:

    You have a good point about starting small with the first set of materials you have in place for your window cleaning business. As you shared, you can always grow your inventory when your business expands.

  7. jim says:

    I totally agree with your point that “Support is good, but having the drive and determination to succeed is even more important”.We can’t get success without inner zeal.Nice post,thanks for sharing!

  8. john says:

    Nowadays advertising become very important for new startup businesses because of high competition.We can also provide some gift hampers like scratch cards or gift coupons to attract customers.Other tips are useful too.Thanks for sharing!
    john recently posted…Shopping Centre & Retail Cleaning Services MelbourneMy Profile

  9. ALLEN says:

    You’ve made great points about starting your own window cleaning business. Securing the right funding and appropriately calculating running costs are essential aspects of business success.

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