How to Choose Window Cleaning Gloves

Winter is coming - are your hands ready?

Colder weather means it is time to start thinking about hand protection.  With the heavy usage they get, window cleaners can usually expect to get about one season of use from a pair of work gloves.  So it’s probably time for a new pair of gloves.

Window Cleaner Gloves

But not just any pair of gloves will work well for window cleaning.  What qualities make up the right pair of work gloves specifically for our profession?


Window cleaners work with water all day long, and the only thing worse than working with cold hands is working with cold, wet hands.  Find gloves that will keep the water out – they should seal well on the surface as well as around your wrist.


For manipulating the tools of the window cleaning trade, you should be able to move your fingers and thumb well within the glove.  The glove should also conform to your hand to allow for detailed work and picking up smaller items.  Some neoprene gloves even have pre-curved fingers to reduce hand fatigue.


This is the biggest consideration.  Gloves are no good to you if they don’t keep your hands warm.  Look for a substantial thinsulate or fleece lining for protection without losing functionality.  Standard thinsulate is 40 grams.

Palm Grip

Because window cleaners work with wet tools all day, having gloves with good gripping ability is crucial.  Last thing you want is to drop a tool because it is slippery.

Exterior Material

The other big consideration with window cleaning gloves is what type of exterior material they should be made from.  All of gloves types listed below have the qualities mentioned above.


There are some good fabric work gloves on the market, just make sure that “Waterproof” is specifically stated.  Fabric gloves breathe well, making them a good choice.  Another consideration when looking at fabric gloves is the palm – it should have a good texture for gripping tools that are wet.

Our new Winter Hawk gloves are made of waterproof fabric and have all the qualities of good window cleaning gloves.


Leather gloves are very popular for work gloves.  There are a number of different types of leather gloves, based on the type of animal they are made from, and the part of the animal.  For working with wet tools, cowhide is going to be the least useful, as cowhide stiffens when it gets wet.  The best for window cleaners is pigskin, because it is durable, dexterous, breathable, cold-blocking, and actually softens with use.

Our best-selling Mechanic’s-style gloves are a great waterproof pigskin leather glove.


Neoprene is a thick, waterproof rubber that is a popular glove material because it is less expensive than other types.  It works well with insulating layer, making it good for winter protection.  Neoprene gloves also provide good dexterity and chemical protection.  The one downside to neoprene gloves is they do not breath as well as other types of gloves.

We carry a range of neoprene gloves from both Unger and Glacier Glove that are very popular.

Do you have additional questions about gloves and the gloves we have available?  Comment below or email us from the About Page!

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  1. I normally don’t worry about what sort of gloves I wear to clean with. Most of the time I don’t wear any at all. I guess you probably want some if you are cleaning outdoors and stuff though. No need to catch any sort of disease.

  2. Usually, people don’t clean thoroughly their exterior windows during the winter season but still some do.I personally would call a window cleaning company because that’s what they do. If your windows are high ladders are a very bad option. You may fall down and break something. In the end, the article is really informative but be careful.

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