Avoiding Potential Pure Water Cleaning Problems

Water Droplets

A Pure Water system can save you time and money, but there are a number of situations that can hinder your effectiveness.  Here are some problems to identify and avoid.

Improper Technique

One of the biggest problems facing window cleaners using their Pure Water systems is improper technique.  Like using a squeegee, there is a right way and a wrong way.  The right way will leave windows sparkling clean.  The wrong way will leave dirt and streaks behind.

Too Little Pressure

A Pure Water system is not about cleaning with high pressure, but you do need enough pressure to get the water up the length of the pole to where you need it on the window.  If you are working at heights over 30 feet, the pressure of water coming out of the tap may not be sufficient.  This height may require a booster pump.

Stubborn Stains

Pure Water cleaning in its simplest sense is just Pure Water and a brush, but some window stains need more scrubbing power.  For these stains, there are additional pieces you can use with the waterpole, including different types of scrub pads.  You can attach these with an adapter to use on the backside of the waterpole brush.

Dirty Water

Pure Water works wonders on dirty windows, but water that is not Pure will leave haze and streaks.  If you are not using a strong enough system, the water may not be Pure when it comes out.  Water with high TDS may require a more extensive filter system.  If your filters are dirty and in need of replacement, they also may not clean the water completely.  Make sure you are filtering the water sufficiently and keep your filters in good condition.

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  1. DoloresB says:

    I’ll have to remember to use good cleaning water when cleaning the windows. I don’t have it in the budget to hire out the job this year, so I have to do it myself. If I remember your tips I can get my windows looking nice and streak free.

  2. I didn’t know there was a proper way to clean windows to leave no streaks. There was a TV show that said something about it, but I assumed it was a joke. Does that mean moving your hand in circles is supposed to prevent streaks while cleaning?

  3. You make a great point about how a high pressure washer won’t do any good even if it has lots of pressure when the water is dirty itself. It goes along with the principle that the better the cleaning products, the better the results will be. One thing that I will be sure to be wary of is whether or not my filter is sufficiently clean.
    Laurel Larsen recently posted…How to Clean Your New Glass Shower Screen in 5 Easy StepsMy Profile

    • Jamie says:

      Yes, unfiltered tap water will always have some amount of minerals in it, leaving streaks and white spots behind. Even if the water is filtered, a powerwasher will remove heavy soiling well, but you’d be left with spots wherever the high pressure didn’t hit the window dead on. On a waterpole, the brush does a lot of the work, the water is most importantly for lightly rinsing away the loosened dirt.

      ~ Jamie

  4. Hazel Owens says:

    I like that you mentioned that having too little pressure may require booster pump. Like you said, even though you don’t necessarily need a lot of pressure while cleaning, you do need the water to get to where you’re cleaning. If the water has to travel up a long way, it might need a water booster set to help it work against gravity. Thanks for the article.

  5. Paul says:

    Great post! I have to agree that a properly regulated and filtered water pressure cleaning system is great but there’s little in the way of being able to replace a squeegee.

    I really feel that whether you’re talking a residential or commercial application, having a “hands-on” approach to cleaning windows is the way to go. Not only do I feel that you get a more consistent cleaning result, you also get the opportunity to check the windows for caulking, sealing, and other frame issues. You can also check for insect intrusions into your residential or commercial property windows.

  6. So, have others here found that this system is worth the cost for residential or professional window cleaning? I would love to get an advantage and supply a service that I could count on being significantly better than average.

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