How to Choose a Pure Water System

Choosing the Right Pure Water System

What Pure Water system is right for you?

To answer this question, we must answer a few more specific questions first.  These questions regard, TDS, work height, and frequency of use.

What are the average TDS levels of the Tap Water you will be using?

Choosing the Right Pure Water System


If they will be less than 150, you can use just a DI Resin filtering system.  Otherwise, you should consider a multi-stage system.

You can check your area’s average TDS levels with this website:

What heights will you be working at?

Choosing the Right Pure Water System

Basically: will you need a booster pump?

If you are only using a DI Resin filtering system at heights of less than 30 feet, you should be able to get away without a booster pump, as long as you have adequate pressure at the tap (about 30 PSI).  Otherwise, you will probably need a booster pump paired up with multi-stage system.

Remember: A booster pump is not needed for heights less than 30 feet or work with just one pole, but it will lengthen the life of the RO Membrane.

How often will you be using the Pure Water System?

If you will be cleaning with the Pure Water System infrequently, a DI Resin filtering system may be more cost effective.  This is especially true if you are just starting out and want to decide if a Pure Water System will work for you and your business.

A DI Resin filtering system will require less maintenance, which may counter cost of lower DI Resin life with higher levels of TDS.

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