How to Choose a Waterpole Brush

Waterpole Brushes - Rectangular & Radius

Waterpole Brushes – Rectangular & Radius

With a Pure Water System, the bulk of the work is done by the the Waterpole brush. What brushes are available and which one should you choose?

Waterpole brushes come in a variety of styles and materials. Each type has its pros and cons. Choosing the right style for your use is based a great deal on preference.

Rectangular vs. Radius

A Rectangular Brush has a straight brush body and is great for straight surfaces – meaning they work well for windows. This is a great brush, because it accomplishes the ideal goal of maximum brush contact with the window.

A Radius Brush has an angled brush body and works well for cleaning window sills and window frames or other uneven surfaces. This brush is also useful for non-ideal situations.

The picture at the start of this article shows the profile view of both a Rectangular Brush and a Radius Brush.

Synthetic Bristle Vs. Boar’s Bristle

Synthetic Bristle brushes are the most common brushes used for Waterpole cleaning, because they are less expensive. They can be made of nylon, polyester, or a combination of the two.

Note: Synthetic brushes often come “flagged” meaning the ends of the bristles are split to make them softer and better able to hold water. These flagged bristles are usually the best option for window cleaning.

Boar’s Bristle, or other natural animal-hair bristle, brushes also work well for window cleaning, because they hold more water than Synthetic Bristle brushes.

Bi-Level Brushes

Bi-level Brushes feature dual-cleaning surfaces which make them ideal for cleaning hard to reach areas. Usually these brushes have short, stiff bristles and longer, softer bristles, accomplishing good surface contact on most surfaces.

Solar panel brushes

Solar panel brushes are usually made of very soft bristles. These brushes are usually Synthetic Bristle and are yellow to denote that they are for solar panels. They are available in either a Rectangular Brush or a Radius Brush.

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