10 Tips to a More Brilliant Future – Part 1

A Spring Window Reflection

For a window cleaner, winter is the time to reassess before the coming spring. Many window cleaners work through the winter, but you can still be thinking about how you can improve your business and be more profitable. If you are hibernating, creating a plan can make sure you get off on the right foot as soon as the weather breaks.

How can you make this your best year ever?

There are a number ways you can improve on or expand what your are doing.

In Part 1, we’ll cover suggestions for improving the tools, customer service, and processes that make your business grow. Next week, Part 2, will cover new things to think about and how to find them.

1. Inventory Your Tools

While business is slower, go through your tools and determine what needs replacing. Are any of your tools causing you to spend more time than necessary on a job?

Remember, time is money.

It might also be a god time to consider what new tools might benefit your business. What tools might make tough jobs easier? Maybe consider the chemicals you use daily and for special cases.

2. Add New Products and Services

What services can you add to your business? Consider what would be of benefit to your customers. Have they asked about certain services that you don’t provide? Maybe now is the right time to consider adding those services.

3. Sell More to Current Customers

Make sure your current customers know about new services you are offering. If you have been cleaning windows for your customer for years, they won’t know what other services you’ve added unless you tell them.

Evaluate what can help your current customers and consider adding these services.

Above all, don’t hold back talking about them or advertising them.

4. Improve Your Processes

What parts of your business process can be improved? Consider areas such as:

  • Scheduling jobs
  • Workflow on the job & off
  • Job tickets & other forms
  • Calling & conversing with customers
  • Procedures
  • Marketing
  • Financials

Sometimes all it takes is writing down how you do something to help determine how you could do it better.

Maybe this year is the year you can create new marketing goals. Do you send postcards to your area? If not, maybe you should. If you do, what about adding a second zip code to that marketing area?

5. Reevaluate Your Pricing

The start of the season is the best time to consider raising your prices. Make sure your competitive, but also make sure you are making what you are worth. Determine the accurate amount of time you spend on a service and how much that time is worth.

We’ll cover more ideas to grow your business next week in Part 2!

Want to learn more about how to start your spring right and make your business more profitable? We can help with that! Comment below or email us from the About Page!

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