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Thought This Price Increase Notification was Interesting..

window cleaning businessThe other day, I received our renewal contract for the landscaping services here at our warehouse in Wixom.  It was an interesting approach by the contractor to explain some of the uncertainty in the market and how that affects pricing.  See what you think.  Part of the notification read:

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How Do You Eat an Elephant?

You’ve probably heard that before… “How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time..”

Sometimes, these old sayings can really irritate me.  I mean, this one contains so much truth in just 11 words.

So, right now, on my challenge/task list, I have a huge project.  Frankly, I am already 1 month or so behind on it! When I look at the task in its entirety, I can’t even figure out where to begin.

That’s when I remember this eating an elephant concept.  Who would even want to eat an elephant?  But, if I have to eat an elephant or, in my case, complete a big project that is simply, well, big, where do I start?

Here is my best shot…

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Avoid the Negative

I really try hard to focus on the positive stuff of life.  This has to be a very intentional daily effort!

Don’t get be wrong, every pot hole can not be avoided… ESPECIALLY IF YOU HAVE SEEN THE ROADS IN MICHIGAN!  What an awesome analogy though. Michigan has had it’s struggles for the last decade.  Yes, there are parts of the state that might never rebuild their grandeur.  But there are plenty of aspects of Michigan life that are rebuilding stronger than ever!  Which part have you seen in the media???

Part of the journey of life then is to intentionally choose paths that Read more

One of the Highlights of My Year …

natural sea sponges

Fun looking sponge from the ocean floor

I know that selling sponges for a living is not the most glamorous occupation in the world, but for the last few years, once a year, I get to go into an elementary school to speak about sponges and ocean life.

This last week, it was my turn to go into the 4th grade class to be a guest speaker. Read more

So a competitor called me today…

This week, the national sales manager for one of the competitors in the window cleaning supply market called me up.   I have always made an effort to have at least civil relations with my competitors.  The competitor mentioned that he was coming into the Detroit market for a day or two.  I asked “what brings you to Detroit?”  His answer, “You know Mike, I am here to take food off your family’s table.” Read more

How to Avoid Emotional Pricing

I have read that one of the most common reasons that a business fails is “emotional pricing”.  This is the art of basing prices for a good or service based on a feeling or mood rather than good solid information.

So, how can this be avoided?  We all have that inner feeling at times about what price would be accepted by customers.  I am not saying that we should avoid or ignore that inner intuition all together.  Rather, empower Read more