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The Great Window Cleaning Debate | How Do You Pay Those Helpers

window cleaning businessWhat is the great window cleaning debate, you ask? Is it pure water vs. old school squeegee? Social media vs. door-to-door sales? Residential vs. commercial?

The answer: none of the above.

Well, window cleaners still argue about those things, but the question that always gets posed on message boards, forums and Facebook status updates is how do you pay your people? Read more

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Are You Creating a Coupon Business? And, Is That Good or Bad?

window cleaning couponsAges ago, before I was a lover of all things marketing, I worked in a small art gallery/custom frame shop. It was located in a small village in an older, downtown area. In other words, neither the product nor the location drove in gobs of walk-in traffic. The business was the epitome of a “destination” location. The owner was a retired engineer and thought about marketing in a very linear way. He knew what worked in the past and there was no deviating, no experimenting, no trying something new.
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