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Now THAT Is a Hi Rise Window Cleaning Job

window cleaning gigsCongrats to Abseilon USA of Phoenix on cleaning the SkyWalk over the Grand Canyon this week! Holy cow is that crazy, even for hi rise work! You can read all about them and the job that is 4,000 feet above the canyon floor here. Apparently they also just wrapped up filming a documentary/reality-style television show as well. How many window cleaners have said that they needed a film crew to follow them around?! Wow!

Social Media Explained …

I know. I owned a window cleaning business for years and said the same thing myself. Who is going to look for a window cleaner online, much less use social media for it?

I admit it. I was wrong. But, I also had no idea “how” it actually worked. No clue what to do with FaceBook, Google + or Twitter. Raise your hand if you thought Twitter was the stupidest thing EVER. *raises hand* Read more

Pop Quiz | SEO Style

Yes, at Detroit Sponge and Chamois we like to throw out a pop quiz every now and then, just to keep our readers on their toes. We’re evil that way. Not what you were looking for on a Thursday morning? Sorry! This time, we are quizzing you on your knowledge of the inner workings of the internet. Do you think you know what’s going on? Do you have what it takes to match wits with us? Let’s see… Read more

Social Networking | Say What?

We mentioned networking earlier in the week and Mike always talks about how great it is to meet you in person at the IWCA convention each year but social networking? What’s that?

Some people may break out in hives just thinking about social networking and how “behind-the-times” they are. Others may be blissfully clueless. Social Marketing is a must. You can shake your head and roll your eyes all you want. You can even stomp your foot and insist that it does not apply to window cleaners. You’ll still Read more

2012 is Underway! Join Us on Our 52 Week Challenge

Our 52 week challenge is underway!

With all of the dust and turmoil of today’s world, as business owners, we all need to keep our eyes looking forward to what is next for our business’s.  I am a firm believer that help for improving ones business has to start with the owner.

Have you read the news headlines lately?  It sure seems like people are waiting for something to give or waiting for someone to “fix” problems.  Somehow, the headlines seem to be screaming that people are waiting for help. Read more

Happy New Year | Top 7 New Year’s Resolutions

Welcome to 2012! Did you make any resolutions this year? Just for fun, here are the top 7 resolutions that people make.

1. Get Organized: We talked about getting organized all last week, everything from your tools to your business.

2. Family: Window cleaners work a lot of hours, more if they own their business. Spending more time with our family and children is probably tops on everyone’s list. Read more