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Business Goals, Websites And Mardi Gras

As the year wraps up, we start to think about all the possibilities that 2012 holds. December is always a crazy month. Traditionally, window cleaners in colder climates try to eek out as much as they can from the season, cleaning windows for holiday parties in between the snow flurries. Those in warmer climates have a mad dash to fit all the snowbirds into busy schedules as they arrive and set up house. This is in addition to all the personal craziness that the holidays can often bring. Read more

Your Window Cleaning Business | Goals For The New Year

2012. That seems so hard to believe. I mean, wasn’t it just turning 2000? Y2K and all that. Time goes by so fast, especially when you are busy running or managing a window cleaning business. You are flying through the busy season by the seat of your pants and then scrambling to get caught up on miscellaneous stuff during the slow season. The next thing you know, it starts all over again. If you do not write out actionable goals and create a plan of attack, things will inevitably slip thru the cracks. Read more

A Cyber Monday Deal You Just Can’t Refuse

OK. So, here’s the deal. You know that Detroit Sponge and Chamois has website – you’re on it. I thought that was fine and that I was doing great. However, with the internet, it doesn’t take long to get behind the curve! Read more