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Add-On Services: Changing Light Bulbs

Add-ons: Changing Light Bulbs

As I mentioned last week in the article about dusting tools, this week I’m going to cover light bulb changing tools.  These two add-ons might seem a strange suggestion, but they’re really not.  Window cleaners have access to helpful tools that home owners might not have – particularly extension poles.  With the quick attachment of a tool, you have access to high corners and light fixtures, and this can be an added value to your customers.

Why Change Light Bulbs?

Light bulbs come in all kinds of types and sizes, and some are more problematic than others.  Changing the light bulb in the reading lamp on the living room table, no problem.  Changing the recessed lighting in the ceiling track-lights, that’s a whole other story.

Just remember: there are many different types of bulbs, much more than there used to be!  A good list of the types of light bulbs you may encounter is available from the American Lighting Association.  There is also a comparison of types of lighting and their cost over time from NPR, which might be useful if your customer asks.  Basically, CFL bulbs are the most efficient room lights and LED lights are best for directed lighting.

Problems to Keep in Mind

Light bulbs come many styles and have many different lighting fixtures they fit into.  Some of these lighting fixtures may place the bulb in a spot or at an angle that will make changing it from the ground impossible.  If you have a ladder or some way to climb – safely – to the bulb to change it, do so, but don’t attempt unsafe bulb changing.

Also, be careful of already broken bulbs or bulbs that may break while you are changing them.  This is not only dangerous to you but to your customer if the light bulb fragments get everywhere.  Mercury can also be a concern with CFL bulbs.

Exercise caution and remember to recycle CFL bulbs.

What Products Are Available?

We have many light bulb changing tools and kits available from Ettore, Unger, and Mr. Longarm.

Ettore Light Bulb Changing Kit

Ettore Light Bulb Changer Kit – This kit includes everything you need to change almost any light bulb, even broken bulbs.  Just attach a tool to an ACME-threaded pole and you are ready to go.

Mr. Longarn Light Bulb CHanging Kit

Mr. Longarm Light Bulb Changer Kit – This kit is also a kit for various sizes and types of bulbs.  Use the tools with an ACME-threaded pole for easy high-access.

Unger Flood Sucker Light Bulb Changer

Unger Flood Sucker – For changing large flood light bulbs.  It has several small suction cups to grab the surface.

Unger Sticky Fingers Light Bulb Changing Tool

Unger Sticky Fingers – For changing various sizes of bulbs.  It has spring-action fingers with rubber-coating for grabbing on.

Unger The Bebbe Light Bulb Changing Tool

Unger The Bebbe – This tool is specifically for changing broken light bulbs.  It even has a tray to catch broken glass and is insulated to protect you from electricity.

Other Considerations

Adding light bulb changing to your services can bring added value both to you and to your customers.  Just remember, like with window cleaning, these add-ons can have pitfalls that you should be aware of and ready to either conquer or decline.

Do you have additional questions about changing light bulbs and the products available?  Comment below or email us from the About Page!

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