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Guest Post: 3 Tips for “Streak-free” Business Networking

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This week’s article is a guest post from Larry Miller–window cleaner, IWCA member, and owner of the company Larry Miller, Inc.

Power networking for your business is a lot like professional window cleaning. It’s a skill you learn that gives you an advantage to see opportunities clearly. Networking isn’t just about business. It’s about building relationships. Today, meeting face-to-face is more memorable and a stronger way of getting to know people. Especially in this fast-paced, high tech environment. Here are three tips I suggest that you use in your strategy to help sustain and grow your window cleaning business.

  • Join your local chamber of commerce and become an active member. Participate at networking events where you can meet members, exchange business cards and get to know each other. Find out more about people you connect with and help them find leads for what they’re looking for. The more you help them, the more they’ll remember you.
  • Many chambers also have “leadshare” groups. Find out if your chamber does and go visit one or two leadshare groups. When you find a group that feels friendlier and more comfortable for you, join and start building relationships.
  • Get to know more about non-profit charities that have activities going on in your local community. Help sponsor an event that shows you care about a cause and support it. For instance, my company (Larry Miller, Inc.) supports The Daffodil Ball ( and Habitat for Humanity ( Think what you and your business could do for your community.

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