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So a competitor called me today…

This week, the national sales manager for one of the competitors in the window cleaning supply market called me up.   I have always made an effort to have at least civil relations with my competitors.  The competitor mentioned that he was coming into the Detroit market for a day or two.  I asked “what brings you to Detroit?”  His answer, “You know Mike, I am here to take food off your family’s table.” Read more

How to Avoid Emotional Pricing

I have read that one of the most common reasons that a business fails is “emotional pricing”.  This is the art of basing prices for a good or service based on a feeling or mood rather than good solid information.

So, how can this be avoided?  We all have that inner feeling at times about what price would be accepted by customers.  I am not saying that we should avoid or ignore that inner intuition all together.  Rather, empower Read more


So every day, there are many, many facts of life that can get you down.  Face it, it seems that there is more craziness in the world, or we are more aware of the craziness that is around us..  And it is all around us..

With all of that, if you are a window cleaner, you have chosen the path of being self employed in the rapids of our economy and world. Maybe you already know that staying positive is simply essential to your day to day life.  You might have a routine that makes you do certain things first thing in the day so that your day is given motion, a path to follow right at the outset. Read more

Keep looking forward..

Spring is coming, I am pretty sure of it..  Every year, about this end of February time, I begin to look around at our fully stocked shelves and wonder when Spring is going to arrive.

As a window cleaning contractor, I can imagine that you must wonder the same thing Read more

Back from the IWCA New Orleans 2012 Convention

Trumpet player disguised as statue

I am fresh back at the office, returning from a great trip to New Orleans for the annual IWCA convention. Gotta say, the food in New Orleans is great!

The amount of information that can be gained at the International Window Cleaning Association ( convention really challenges many window cleaner’s normal way of doing business.  The gathering provides an opportunity for window cleaners to rub elbows with other persons in the same field that are winning at this game of business.  Often, discussions regarding topics like how to compensate workers, structuring sales persons, effectively setting up work trucks with equipment, and latest tools and technologies can Read more

Time honored profession of window cleaning

Every so often, it’s nice to remember that we are apart of the window cleaning trade which has been around for many years.

The other day, this Popeye cartoon Read more