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Answering the Call …

window cleaning businessRing, ring. Do you answer? Do you let it go to voicemail? Are you even home? Something as simple as the telephone ringing can pose several dilemmas for a small business owner. Sure, making the phone ring IS our goal, but how do you handle it after that? Read more

Window Cleaners | Remarkably Successful People 4

window cleaning businessThe last point about this fabulous article on highly successful people that we are going to cover deals with customer service again. Yes. Yes, it IS that important.

We had a nearly 100% retention rate for the 18 years that we ran our window cleaning business. The ONLY time someone left was if they moved out of state. In fact, we had a waiting list of people in neighboring cities that wanted us to call them when, and if, we moved into that area. Not every small business can make that claim, but window cleaners sure can – if they take care of their clients.  Read more

Window Cleaners | Remarkably Successful People 3

window cleaning businessIn our continuing series about this great article, I wanted to address another point about “what” we do for the customer. We are always taught that we are professional window cleaners; do one thing and be the best at it, right?! We are not the janitor, but rather a highly skilled, Read more

The Power of Biting Your Tongue

window cleaning customer serviceI once worked for a guy named Ed. He smoked cigars. Now, before you go thinking that what he does in his personal life is his own business …

… he smoked cigars INSIDE his retail shop.

Yes. Customers complained. He told them to shop somewhere else and that he would do what he ^$&*@ pleased! Not. Even. Kidding. I’ve talked about him before. He was a highly intelligent engineer, but completely clueless in a retail setting with live people! Let’s just say his people skills were somewhat lacking!

There are much better ways to deal with complaints and unhappy customers. I have a knack for it. Maybe it was because I had to apologize for Ed’s behavior for so many years. (Oddly, the smell of cigar smoke does not bother me in the least.) Read more

5 Tips to Great Customer Service

We all know what customer service is or, at the very least, we know when we aren’t getting it. What do you do as a window cleaner or as the owner of a window cleaning company to offer great customer service? Here are 5 tips to try:

1) The Phone: Answer it. If you can’t, then make it a policy to call back in 24 hours or less. Nothing is more frustrating as a customer than having to wait for days on end for a return phone call. Many even wonder if the message went through and, pretty soon, those customers will turn to another window cleaner who is more responsive. Read more