2012 is Underway! Join Us on Our 52 Week Challenge

Our 52 week challenge is underway!

With all of the dust and turmoil of today’s world, as business owners, we all need to keep our eyes looking forward to what is next for our business’s.  I am a firm believer that help for improving ones business has to start with the owner.

Have you read the news headlines lately?  It sure seems like people are waiting for something to give or waiting for someone to “fix” problems.  Somehow, the headlines seem to be screaming that people are waiting for help.

While it is naïve to think that social injustices don’t exist,
it is also true that for us in the self employed world, opportunity comes when we create it for ourselves.  Over the years, many window cleaners have shared their stories of life change and business building with me.  Sometimes, there was a big break that happened, but most of the time it was more that they developed a skill and prepared to share that with the economy in a way that made sense.

With our 52 week challenge, the intention is to share some helpful information about creating a profitable internet presence  that will allow your prospects to find you on the internet.  If you have joined already, excellent!  Please share your thoughts, feedbacks, suggestions and successes!  If you have not checked it out yet, jump on in and see what its about.  In terms of economic stimulus/recovery, I bet this will out perform any “10 step economic plan” that someone enlightens us with later this year…

Know your business and build your business!

See you on the path,


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