Investing in New Window Cleaning Tools

We mentioned the three basic pieces of window cleaning equipment that every newbie should have earlier in the week. But, what if you own all that gear already? What if you are ready to invest in more substantial pieces?

First and foremost, do not buy anything, window cleaning equipment or otherwise, just because it is cool. If you will never in a million years clean a jalousie window, do not buy the special squeegee for them. However. If you have always wanted to clean two to three story buildings and expand your window cleaning business, a system like the Ettore’s Aqua Clean or Unger’s Hi-Flo system is a great way in invest in your future.

You can talk with the pros at Detroit Sponge to get a better idea of price, not just for the reverse osmosis or de-ionizing system but also for top notch pole. (Actually, a better word would be a light-weight pole. Keep in mind that fully extended and filled with water, those bad boys can get heavy.) Knowing a realistic price can help you budget and save for new window cleaning tools over the season.

You can also be a little more adventurous. Go out and bid the jobs you normally wouldn’t because you couldn’t safely reach them. Mentally get enough work to pay for your new toy, er tool, and you’ll be fine. You might find yourself so pleasantly surprised with the ease of operation, the level of safety and the profit margin that you turn into a bidding machine.

One last key point to remember is that any new tool has a learning curve. If you aren’t sure what to do or it doesn’t seem to be working correctly, don’t stash it in the corner of your garage in frustration. Call. Ask. Check the forum. Rest assured that there are other window cleaners who felt the same way as you and can share a few tips and tricks.


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