What Not To Wear: The Window Cleaning Edition

Have you heard of a little show on TLC called “What Not To Wear”? It’s one of those makeover shows where the hosts tear through each guest’s closet and toss out all the inappropriate outfits. They force the guest to go shopping and purchase a better wardrobe. Sometimes people are stuck in the 70’s, sometimes they dress like they are 15 and, sometimes they hide underneath mountains of clothes like a librarian. It’s helpful information, from a fashion perspective.

Window cleaning, however, is not about fashion. We do not have runways. We do not have magazines dedicated to monitoring our sense of style. So, why the title? Why the “What Not To Wear: The Window Cleaning Edition” title? Well, mainly because I think it is high time someone¬†broached¬†the topic with all of you. What do you wear to work? Do you grab the nearest T-shirt and pair of jeans within reach, regardless of condition? Do you dress head to toe in Carharrt or Dickie? Or do you channel your inner Enrico Suave, in hopes of meeting the girl of your dreams?

Window cleaners are sometimes considered to be “just” manual laborers. It’s insulting, really. Window cleaning is a skilled trade and takes a lot of patience and talent to get the job done right. If, however, you dress like you don’t care, this perception will continue. In fact, they always say that the clothes say a lot about the man (or woman). Why not start sending a different message?

Get shirts printed. Get shirts printed. Get shirts printed. I cannot say that enough. One more time: get shirts printed. If you are a one man show or a company of 50 window cleaners, have shirts made with your company name on them. Spend a dollar or two more and get the polo shirts with a collar. Your first impression is now a lasting impression and its a good one! Now, when people see you, they think: professional,¬†conscientious, and stylish. They may even think, “Hey, I should ask that guy about cleaning my windows!”

If you don’t think it is necessary, look at all the window cleaners that are ultra successful. Their entire team wears nice, collared shirts. Try it this season and watch your business improve from this one little change.

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  1. Guy Gardener says:

    Polo shirts look really nice. They go really well with labor based companies. If you are one of those, I would highly suggest making a polo with your logo your uniform if you don’t have one.

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