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We mentioned¬†networking earlier in the week and Mike always talks about how great it is to meet you in person at the IWCA convention each year but social networking? What’s that?

Some people may break out in hives just thinking about social networking and how “behind-the-times” they are. Others may be blissfully clueless. Social Marketing is a must. You can shake your head and roll your eyes all you want. You can even stomp your foot and insist that it does not apply to window cleaners. You’ll still be wrong, though. It is 2012. You must use social networking, regardless of the field you are in.

Start with Facebook. ¬†It’s the easiest and your spouse or kids might know how to use it. You need an account under your name, before you can set on up for your business, though.

Try a tweet. Twitter is on the obnoxious side for anyone over 25, but it has its place in your social media campaign. As far as getting the word out, it does its job very well. You can get a twitter account with your business name, or anything else that suits your fancy.

GooglePlus, or more accurately G+, is the newcomer to the social networking block, but it is rapidly becoming the favorite place for more professional networking. Like Facebook, this is a site where you are “you” and not your business.

LinkdIn is social networking, but you do not post regularly to it. You do, however, need a profile here. Think of it as an online business card for everyone to see.

The key to understanding social networking is to think of it as instant advertising. If you have a spot in your schedule to fill, let everyone know – instantly. If you are running a special, post it – instantly. Trust me – its awesome!

If you want to learn more, sign up for our 52 Week Challenge where we will be discussing it in depth.

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