How to Choose Waterpole Brush Jets

Waterpole Brush Jets - Pencil and Fan

Waterpole Brush Jets – Pencil and Fan

The Brush Jet is what delivers the Pure Water to the window. It attaches to the Waterpole Brush.

Brush Jets come in two styles—pencil jet and fan jet.

Pencil Jets

A pencil-style Brush Jet sprays water in a straight line. Pencil jets are best for Hydrophilic Glass, which is glass where the water easily cascades down the surface in sheets. Hydrophilic Glass is easily cleaned with quick passes.

Pencil Brush Jets are the standard type of jet to come with most Waterpole Brushes.

Fan Jets

A fan-style Brush Jet sprays water in a wide, fanning shape. Fan jets are best for Hydrophobic Glass, glass that “fears” water, repelling it, and where water beads more, not covering the surface as easily. Hydrophobic Glass is best cleaned with slower passes.

Fan Brush Jets are usually available to be swapped out, or are commonly in Waterpole Brushes with four jets.

Hydrophilic Versus Hydrophobic

No one knows what causes glass to become hydrophobic, but you may be able to return the glass to hydrophilic by gently rubbing the glass with bronze wool or a bronze wool pad.

Otherwise, using slower, tighter passes with your Waterpole will clean hydrophobic glass better.  For more information, see the blog post How to Perfect Your Waterpole Technique.

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